Earn Up To 75% As A Consignor

DISCLAIMER: Given the nature of Consignment, WeePeats reserves the right to limit the number of items accepted into the sale. WeePeats also has the right to refuse items when deemed necessary (clothing sizes, season of items, condition, etc.). Being a registered consignor is NOT a guarantee that any or all of your items will get into the sale. Acceptance of items are on a first come/first served basis during Consignor Check-in

What Can You Sell?

  • Anything and everything that is kid related!
  • Baby equipment (cribs, highchairs, portacribs, exersaucers, ect)
  • Clothing (Newborn - Girls Size 14, Boys Size 14) Limit 100 hanging items per consignor
  • Shoes (up to size 4 Youth)
  • Toys (clean, w/all pieces, new batteries if applicable)
  • Books (parenting, maternity, toddler, easy reader and chapter books) 
  • Bagged Books (grouping of similar books in a bag together for one price) 
  • Furniture (rocking chairs, dressers, bunkbeds)
  • Costumes/Dancewear
  • School/Party Supplies
  • Sporting equipment/Cleats
  • DVD's (no VHS)
  • Gaming systems and Games
  • Instruments
  • Puzzles/Games
  • Room Decor (Lamps, clocks, wall decor, ect.)
  • Bedding

Weepeats CANNOT ACCEPT (Due to the lead and phthalate limits the CPSC has mandated for items used by children under 12):

  • Childrens jewelry and charms
  • Vinyl raincoats
    Any recalled items by the CPSC. Please refer to the RECALL LIST for a list of items.

Regulations regarding cribs:

  • Wooden drop down cribs cannot be accepted
  • Each crib MUST have a label telling its manufacturer name and date it was manufactured
  • Each crib MUST be checked against the recall list
  • Each crib MUST have all its parts and assembled at the WeePeats Event

Consignor Drop Off:  Tuesday, Sept. 23 & Wednesday, Sept. 24: 9am - 6pm

Drop Off Appointments are NOT necessary. They're only for your convenience. ONE appointment per consignorTo sign up for a drop off appointment, login in HERE (You will need to log in as a registered consignor before you make an appointment.) To register as a consignor, click HERE ).

With questions about appointments, email  weepeatsevent@frontiernet.net

Consignors, allow enough time to see your items accepted into the sale and to place them onto the floor once approved.

You do NOT need an appointment to check-in.
Just come during the times noted above and sign in.

Volunteers - if you are volunteering during the days/hours of our Consignor Check-in, do NOT sign up for an appointment. Bring your items before your volunteer shift begins and we will inspect them while you work (Thatís right! You can work your shift while we check your items in).

 Bring a tote or box to leave with us. Label it with an index card stating your consignor number and letter (that's next to the barcode on your tag), and your name Ė written in LARGE print. Weíll put your unsold items in YOUR bin! If you are donating your items, donít bring a bin.

When It's Over:
YOU are responsible for picking up any items that didn't sell. You can choose to donate your items to a local charity through us, or pick them up. If you cannot get to the Sale by Consignor Pick-up, you MUST make other arrangements (friend picking them up for you). If someone else comes to pick up your items, they must have a written note or email from you stating that fact. Due to our leasing restrictions, we cannot make exceptions. Also, be sure to check our Lost & Found area for items you may have missed.

Consignor Pick Up for WeePeats is:  Sunday, Sept. 28 from 6:00 - 7:30pm

Items not picked up by 7:30pm on Sunday, Sept 28, 2014 becomes property of WeePeats

Referrals:Spread the word! When you register to consign, request some fliers. Hand fliers out to your Mom's group, schools, play groups, dance classes, sports leagues, girl/boy scout troups, day camps, etc. Be sure to let them know who their source was; ask those who choose to consign with WeePeats to mention your name! If you get two referrals, you earn an extra 5%! (Your husband cannot be used as a referral)