Create Tags

ALL items at WeePeats MUST have tags created through our website in order to be submitted into the sale. Using our easy system, you will create tags with individual barcodes which will keep track of your items at the sale. (An inventory report can be viewed/printed out for your reference). First, you must register as a consignor. To do that, go to the Register page

Once you have your consignor number, click on this link: Create Tags, log-in and begin! Fill out each box with the appropriate information. All items MUST be in $1.00 increments, despite the option given when creating your tags. (Example: 3 bibs in a Ziplock bag for $1.00) Also, indicate the size (do not use S, M, L, but rather "6 months" or "2T" so that it's placed on the right clothing rack at the Sale).

When you are finished inputting all of your items, click on Im finished for now. Your information is automatically saved, so you can work on a few tags at a time. When you are ready, print your tags onto white cardstock, available at Wal-Mart, AC Moore, Michaels, Staples, etc. (TEN tags are printed per sheet of paper. DO NOT reduce the size of your tags when printing so that you can fit more onto a sheet of paper. Our scan guns cannot read the barcode when the tags are small). When printing out your tags, make sure your browser is set to Explorer and NOT Mozilla Firefox, etc. With any questions, email


Weepeats cannot accept items that have been tagged to sell at other Consignment Sales. You must register and create your tags through our website.

Our Event will NOT be a "live" sale. Figures from the sale have to be down loaded onto the website, meaning your inventory reports will not be updated whenever a purchase is made.Please allow ample time for this process to be done. Final Sales Reports can be viewed 5 days after the Half Off Sale.