Tagging Your Items For WeePeats

Everything is inspected to ensure the integrity of the Sale. Please do not be offended if some items are not accpeted. Remember, you too are a buyer. Presentation is everything. Be picky; the customers are! Your items must be complete (puzzles, toys, all buttons, etc.), clean, not broken or damaged in any way. Items must be free from pills/fuzzies, animal hair, odor (smoke, mold), tears, stains, and priced by YOU. Clothing must be seasonal. These guidelines are to ensure a successful sale! As a consignor, you need to make sure that none of your items have been recalled. You can find the list here: RECALL LIST. You will also have to sign our Seller Agreement stating that you did indeed checked the list.

Creating Your Tags

ALL items at WeePeats MUST have tags created through our website in order to be submitted into the sale. Using our system, you will create tags with individual barcodes which will keep track of your items at the sale. (An inventory report can be viewed/printed out for your reference). First, you must register as a consignor. To do that, go to the  page.

Once you have your consignor number, go to the Create Tags page and click on  log-in and begin creating your tags. Fill out each field (box) with the appropriate information. All items MUST be in $1.00 increments - despite the option given when creating your tags. (Example: 3 bibs in a Ziplock bag for $1.00) Also, indicate the size (do not use S, M, L, but rather "6 months" or "2T" so that it's placed on the right clothing rack at the Sale).

When you are finished inputting all of your items, click on Im finished for now. Your info is automatically saved. When you are ready, print your tags onto WHITE CARDSTOCK, available at Wal-Mart, AC Moore, Michaels, Staples, etc. (Six tags are printed per sheet of paper. DO NOT reduce the size of your tags so that you can print more tags onto a sheet of paper. Our scanning guns cannot read the small barcodes.)

Presenting Your Items

All Clothing MUST Be On A Hanger: The only exception is onsies in ziplock baggies. Hang your items so that the "hook" is facing left, like a question mark. Be sure to wash, iron (excessively wrinkled clothing will not be accepted), button, tie, and snap your items so it looks its BEST! Presentation is everything! Attach your tag to the item with a safety pin (not the little gold ones). Pin the tag to the shirt/dress label inside the collar, OR to the left shoulder seam. Straight pins will not be accepted. You may also attach your tags with a tagging gun. Pants, skirts, and shorts are to be pinned to a hanger, NOT folded over. (They will fall on the floor). Hangers may be purchased at The Dollar Store, Kmart, WalMart, etc. Old Navy, dry cleaners & Kohls gives hangers away! Hangers are NOT available at WeePeats. 

There is a LIMIT: 100 hanging items per consignor. A 2 - 3 piece outfit assembled on one hanger is considered 1 item. Please note that the Check-in process only allots enough time to go through 100 pieces of clothing & 10 pairs of shoes.

** Clothing must be grouped together according to size & gender ie, (all 2t boys together; size 5 girls, etc.) **

* Tagging guns are available from WeePeats. Go to the Web Store to Purchase
  • Onsies & Socks are to be sold in ziplock bags. Do not tape your bag closed prior to check-in. We will need to look over these items before they are accepted into the Sale. Please bring your own clear packing tape to Consignor Check-In so you can tape these bags closed upon acceptance.
  • Shoes & Boots MUST be tied together with string. Make sure they are CLEAN. Dirty shoes will not be accepted. Consignors are limited to 10 pairs of shoes, from Infant - Youth size 2 (fitting a 7 - 8 yr old). Larger sizes will NOT be accepted.
  • For Non-Clothing Items, use string or blue painter's tape (NOT Scotch or packing tape) to attach your tag. Books, DVD's, or CD's must have your card attached to the back. Please tape at least 2 sides of your card to the item. Try to tape the tag to the back so buyers can read/see the item easily. If you want, explain how the product is used & write a description/comments on another tag and tape it next to the price tag. It may help sell your item. You can use packing tape to secure your items and/or tap a baggie shut, but to secure your tag to the item, use blue painter's tape. It doesn't ruin your item like packing tape does. Items that are LOOSE (puzzles - 20 pieces and less, blocks, small cars, Barbies/Polly-pockets, etc.) MUST be put into a Ziplock baggie and taped shut. ALL electronic games/toys MUST have new batteries installed. Without this done, these items will NOT be accepted. For larger items: cribs, swings, etc., attach your card by punching a hole in your card and tying it to your item with a string. All DVD's MUST be in cases (doesn't have to be original cases) AND taped shut.
    ALL items MUST be CLEAN. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser works wonders to get most of the scuffs & marks off. Make your items *shine*! DUST off those toys laying in your garage/basement. Take the time to wash the fabrics on your excersaucer, high chair, stroller, jolly jumper, etc. Most of them come clean without too much trouble. Bleach the netting on your pack 'n play, remove old torn stickers from bikes, ride-on, and toy kitchens/tool benches. Your items will be more readily accepted into the sale if they're clean AND they'll be more apt to sell for more money if they look (like) new. * Remember, Weepeats is not a garage sale and we pride ourselves in the fact that you bring us your very best. Your customers appreciate it too! *
  • Pricing Rule of thumb is 40 - 50% of the new price for baby equipment, 25 - 40% for clothing, and 10 - 25% for toys. There's a the fine line between garage sale prices and consignment store prices. The best way to price your items is to honestly think what YOU would be willing to pay for it! This is a great opportunity for you to do LITTLE work for some EXTRA money, while BLESSING another mom! Check out our "tips" page!
  • The Half-Off Sale is the last day of the Sale. MANY items sell on the last day. Remember, every item sold is money in your pocket!!! When creating your tags, you will have the option of REDUCING the price of your item.
  • Donating Unsold Items When creating your tags, you will have the option of donating your items if you choose to do so. Receipts are not given for donations, nor do we accept receipts from the charities we give to.

Please allow enough time to see your items accepted into the sale and to place them out onto the floor once approved.