Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find your answer here, continue to read the website. Still can't find an answer, email


Q. Is it worth it, to be a consignor? A. ABSOLUTELY! With more than 3,000 shoppers ready to buy YOUR items, some of our consignors have earned more than $1000 at each sale!!!

Q. How do I become a consignor? A. Just register for a number! Go to the Register page to get started. Then at Consignor Check-in you will be required to sign a Seller's Agreement and pay a $15 Consignor's Fee. That's it!

Q. If I was a consignor before, do I have to re-register? A. Yes, you MUST register for every sale you want to consign in. Start by going to the Register page. Once you are assigned a number, it's yours for LIFE!

Q. What items will you take? A. Anything and everything for kids. (NO car-seats). If your child uses it, we sell it: baby equipment (cribs, strollers, high chairs, excersaucers, furniture, books, toys, DVDs, CDs, clothing, outside toys, ride-ons, etc, etc. 94% of our items sell! We don't sell maternity or teen clothing.

Q. What sizes do you go up to? A. WeePeats sells clothes for Newborns to size 12/14 for Girls & Boys' size 12/14; shoes up to Youth size 2. Note that we only sell seasonal clothing (tanks, short sleeve shirts, shorts, bathing suits, sandals, etc. for Spring Sale; long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatsuits, heavier pants, winter/fall coats & accessories, etc. for the Fall Sale), except for pants and jeans.

Q. When can I drop off my items? A. Go to the Consignor Info page to find the days and times of Consignor Check-in. Please allow enough time to check-in, fill out paper work, and have us inspect your items - usually 30 minutes (depending on the number of items you bring in and those who are waiting ahead of you) and to put your items out onto the floor.

Q. Will you take all of my items? A. All items are inspected to ensure the integrity of the Sale and must be tagged the WeePeats way. See the How To page to learn how. Please do not be offended if some of your items are not accepted. Remember, you too are a buyer, so select and price your items according to your standards. Your items must be complete (puzzles - 100 pieces & less, toys, all buttons, etc.), clean, not broken, or damaged in any way. Clothing must be seasonal. They must also be free from pills/fuzzies, animal hair, odors (smoke, mold), tears, stains, and priced by YOU. These guidelines are to ensure a successful sale!

Q. Is there a limit as to how much I can bring? A. Yes. Unlimited non-clothing items except for books (10 individual books are allowed). Although it's "unlimited" the amount you can bring, each consignor number is only allowed to check-in/drop off ONCE. Clothing items are limited to 100 hanging items per consignor (an outfit w/more than 1 piece on a hanger is still just one item). Shoes are limited to 10 pairs per consignor.

Q. As a consignor do I have to be present at the Sale, man a table, sell my own items? A. NO! That's the beauty of WeePeats;we do it for you. We are a registered retail business which means we pay taxes, insurance, rent and staff the sale for you so that YOU EARN MONEY. Just drop off your items at Consignor Check-in, tagged the WeePeats way - with your consignor number, and get ready to receive your check in three weeks!

Q. How much does a consignor earn? A. Consignors can earn as much as 75%! Each consignor earns 60% of their total sales; 70% if they volunteer to work a 4 hour shift, and an extra 5% if they refer two new consignors who wind up consigning at the sale. (Referrals must note the name of their friend in order for their friend to receive credit. Good for one sale only)

Q. What happens at the end of the Sale? A. If you choose to donate your items at the end of the sale, click on "Donate" when you create your tags. Then we will donate your items to a charity of our choosing (without receiving tax credit). If you want your items back, (to hold for the next sale!) then you MUST pick them up during the designated Consignor Pick-up time. * ALL items not retrieved by the end of Consignor Pick-up WILL become the property of WeePeats.

Q. Will I have to find all my own stuff at consignor pick up? A. If you tag your items the WeePeats way, it'll be EASY! We have a system that will make Consignor Pick-Up a breeze.

Q. When will I get paid? A. You will receive a check (mailed to the address you note when you register as a consignor) three weeks after we close the Event, for the amount you earned as a consignor (60, 70 or 75%).

Q. Will Weepeats accept items that have tags on from another sale? A. No. Unfortunately, tags/barcodes that are not generated through our website cannot be read by our computer scanners. Items submitted into Weepeats must be tagged with tags created through out website.

What Can I Sell?:

A. Anything and everything that a child uses, consumes, needs, etc. from ages Preemie to Preteen, except for car-seats.

Q. Are jeans/pants considered "seasonal"? A. We accept jeans and pants at all of the sales. Capris are only accepted for the Spring/Summer sale. Heavy sweatpants, corduroy, velvet and velour pants are only accepted for our Fall/Winter sale.

Q. What about T-shirts? A. Only plain & character (Barbie, Batman, etc.) shirts will be accepted. Those promoting events, locations, or organizations will NOT be accepted (day camp, souviner, little league, etc.)

Tagging & Pricing Your Items:

Q. How do I price my items? A. Items should be priced for an amount that YOU would be willing to pay for the them if you were the shopper. Generally, if you price your items at 25 - 30% of retail (depending on the items' brand, quality, etc.) they will sell. Price competitively. It adds up fast! We STRONGLY suggest you let your items go for half price.We'd rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items!

Q. How do I make my tags? A. Go to the How To page to learn how to prepare your items. Then go to the Create tags page to compose your tags. Note: you must register for a number before you can create your tags. WeePeats also sells Tagging Guns to make tagging easier. See the Contact Us page for a Tagging Kit. 

Shopping At WeePeats:

Q. Is there an admission fee? A. Yes. With HUNDREDS of consignors, you can outfit all of your children, buy holiday/birthday gifts, and have lots of fun for only $5 admission on Friday, you get a wristband to shop ALL WEEKEND!

Q. Do the consignors & volunteers pay the admission fee? A. NO! Another benefit of being a consignor. You will receive ONE complimentary VIP pass, good for ONE day of the sale.

Q. Can I shop early? A. If you volunteer for 4 hours during the sale, you get to SHOP EARLY! There are two Private Sales: one the night before we open to the public, and one before the Half Off sale. Depending on when you volunteer, is when you get to shop. Go to the Volunteer page to learn more.

Q. Can I volunteer even if I'm not a Consignor? A. No, but we only require you to have 10 items to be a Consignor. Go to the Volunteer page to read the different options available, and fill in the request form. We will get back to you within 36 hours. 

Q. When do I shop before the Public if I volunteer to work during the Preview Sale? A. Those who work during the Preview Sale on Thursday, at 6pm, get to shop at 3:30pm BEFORE the Preview Sale.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted at WeePeats? A. WeePeats accepts cash and Visa & MasterCard as forms of payment. Checks are NOT be accepted.