For those who are new to Weepeats or those who want to maximize their earning power, here are a few tips from our top selling -  $1000 consignors:

Christine wrote:
1. PRESENTATION ~ A MUST! Button all buttons, snap snaps, and IRON all collars, etc. I try to make my clothing look as close to store presentation as possible. 
- Clean all toys with a magic eraser (i.e. most scuffs will come off. Instead of assuming the customer will want to take the time to get them off, do it ahead of time ~ "Your dirt is your dirt, so keep it!", especially baby items. Remember when your baby was first born? You didn't want anything dirty near your precious little one so make your items look as NEW as possible).
- Only use kids hangers on kids clothing (the clothes hang better)

2. PRICE (Like location is to real estate ~ Price is to Weepeats). Name brand children's clothing (Gymboree, GAP, Some Old Navy and Some Children's Place) should sell for 2x what you would sell at a garage sale ($2. Shirt - $5. Pants - $8-10. Outfit). Non-Name brand (i.e. Super Store...Target, Walmart Brands should only be priced at garage sale prices since most of those items are for sale NEW for about $3.99 an item, so I price them on average $2. an item)  I also try to sell all items as an outfit.

3. REDUCE ~ EVERYTHING! I use the "everything must go" approach. I would rather have my items sell for half price then to get them back and store them again for another 6 months. After the cost of advertising and the cost of my time to sit all weekend at a garage sale, I would rather sell them for 1/2 off. NOTE: this is scary to some consignors... but I wanted to mention that 75% of my items sell at full price because I follow rules 1 & 2!

from Melissa:
My philosophy starts with buying my girls clothes. I would rather buy used high quality than new lower quality. Brand names is the key to higher sales: Gap, Gymboree, Lilly pulitzer, hartstrings, Lands End, LLBean, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, etc are what people want.
I try to price my things at a fair enough price that they dont have to go half off. You have that sense of urgency the first day, dont loose the momentum! If I dont want it back it goes half off.
I try to price my things no higher than I myself would pay for them and I bring things I know I need. There are things that always sell: Jeans, jackets, hoodies, holiday clothing, dresses, coats, etc.
When I wash my things, I hang them, they really dont go in the dryer. They last longer and look better. I also work on stains.

from Heidi:
My advice to other consignors would be to put reasonable prices on their items!

from Carrie:
Thank you - Susan and Charla, for a great sale!!  Take care

from Karen:
Oh my gosh! We just love Weepeats! It's the only time I shop for my kids; I save so much money!

from Donna:
We've been shopping at Weepeats for FOUR years! I take the day off from work, then go out to lunch with my girlfriends. Wouldn't miss it!

from Jennifer:
I wait all year for Weepeats. You're so organized and the quality is awesome. And I love what I find: a 3 piece Janie & Jack outfit for $12; an Abercrombie sweater for $1...something for every child!