You must be a consignor in order to volunteer. We only ask for 10 items in order to consign. WeePeats' could not operate without our VALUABLE volunteers. Consignors earn a generous 60% commission on all of their sales, BUT our volunteers earn MORE! Being a volunteer means donating just of uninterrupted time so you can earn 70% commission AND you acquire admission to a Private Sale the night before WeePeats opens to the general public. (You will need a ticket for admission to this sale so be sure to ask for your ticket when you sign up to volunteer!)

* NOTE: One Pass Per Person is needed for entrance into Preview Sale *


You must register first to view available shifts!

4 Hour Volunteers Receive 70% commission, a ticket to the Private Sale on Thursday, Sept 27  from 5:00pm - 9:00pm.

Those who work the Preview Sale on Thursday, Sept. 27  from 5:00 - 10:00pm, get to shop that evening from 2:15 - 4:45pm.

8 hr. Volunteers Receive 70% commission, a ticket to the Private Sale on Thursday, Sept 27 - shopping at 2:00pm - 9:00pm. IF you sign up for two 4 hour shifts, it must be YOU who work those shifts. A friend/family member may NOT work a 4 hour shift for you so that you have the same benefit of an 8 hour volunteer (Example: you and your mother both work 4 hours, that does NOT equal an 8 hour shift). If it's a matter where each spouse works a 4 hr. shift to earn the 8 hr. benefit, prior approval must be received. With questions or for approval regarding volunteer shifts, email weepeatsevent@frontiernet.net *

Volunteering is not "hard" work; we'll show you what to do. Just wear your comfortable running shoes! To view what shifts are available, go here: Volunteer Schedule. To register as a volunteer, click on this link: Volunteer Registration. With any questions, email: weepeatsevent@frontiernet.net

The Volunteer SCHEDULE WILL CLOSE Sept. 15, 2014. After Sept. 15,ALL volunteer shifts will be "set in stone". If you cannot fulfill your shift, or find a replacement, $20 will be deducted from your check - per shift. You are able to go online and delete/sign up shifts if you have a conflict, but after Sept. 15, NO CHANGES can be made to the schedule. (Even if there are openings...)

 ** We MUST have one week's notice if you cannot fulfill your shift. If you sign up to volunteer and do not fulfill your shift with one week's notice of your cancellation, $20 will be deducted from your check - per shift. **

If you are volunteering during the days/hours of our Consignor Check-in, do NOT sign up for an appointment. Bring your items right before your volunteer shift begins and we will inspect them while you work (Thatís right! You can continue working your shift while we check your items in). Appointments are only reserved for non-volunteering consignors or those who volunteer during the Sale days. Thank you.